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Because Of Grace – CD

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CD / Compact Disc


01 Partakers Of The Benefit
02 Because Of Grace
03 He Changed My Life
04 Simeon
05 A Far Cry From Heaven
06 The Missing Peace
07 That’s Not You
08 A Man Of His Own Making
09 A Suffering Saint
10 I’m Not A Servant Anymore
11 It Beats All I’ve Ever Seen
12 One Needful Thing
13 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

All Songs (except track 13.) written by Gary W. Duty/BMI – Publishing: Carried Away Music/BMI
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross – Copyright: Public Domain – Words: Isaac Watts 1707
Melody: “The Water Is Wide” AKA: “O Waly, Waly” Copyright: Public Domain – ARR By: Gary Duty

Sound Doctrine band members:
Gary Duty – Lead Vocals – Acoustic Guitar – Banjo – Bass 6, 7, 11, 12
Barry Tuttle – Harmony Vocals – Dobro (Resonator Guitar)
Jeff Tuttle – Harmony Vocals – Mandolin

Guest musicians:
Tony Duty – Bass 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13
Laurence Vallee – Bass 1, 9, 10
Andy Leftwich – Fiddle – Mandolin on 4
Steve Keen – Piano

Guest Vocalists:
Angila Porter
Rebekah Duty

Special thanks:
To our families for their love and support.
To Andy Leftwich for his incredible talent and being willing to pick on this project.
To Tony Duty (Gary’s son) for his Bass playing and all the help on this project.
To Angila Porter (Gary’s daughter) for her vocal on “Simeon”.
To Rebekah Duty (Gary’s granddaughter) for her vocal on “A Suffering Saint”.
To Laurence Vallee for his Bass playing and being a great friend.
To Steve Keen our longtime friend for his excellent piano work on this project.
To Eric du Toit for the blessing he’s been in getting our website up and all the work he’s done.
To Dan (the computer man) Karbginsky for his friendship and the computer for our studio.
To the folks at Grace Bible Church, Warren MI for their generous giving toward this project.
To all those who are still interested and listen to our music. We love you all.

Most of all:
To God our heavenly Father, who by His amazing grace, gave us His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who paid
the penalty for our sins on the cross and totally satisfied a Holy God on our behalf. When we believed in His death for
our sins, His burial and His resurrection, He made us a new creature in Christ and we now have a relationship with God
as a perfect son of God and enjoy fellowship with Him based on the merits of Jesus Christ alone.
For the King James Bible, the pure words of God, the perfect standard and the source for the truths in these songs.

Photography by Angila Porter
Logo design by GraphikHaus

1 review for Because Of Grace – CD

  1. Cameron

    I love this collection of songs written by Gary Duty. The words of every song are Scriptural and deep in meaning. No fluff here. Beautiful instrumentation on every song as well. Strong 5 stars from me

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